DeltaFi offers a range of products tailored to meet various investment preferences within the WEMIX ecosystem and beyond. Our flagship product, dWEMIX, is currently live on the WEMIX3.0 blockchain, with plans to deploy dWEMIX$, 1xiWEMIX, and 2xlWEMIX in the near future. These products are designed to leverage the unique features of the WEMIX ecosystem.

Users can track the performance of dETPs on the DeltaFi website, which provides detailed information on Vault returns, TVL, and other relevant metrics. Performance is currently reported in real-time and will also be available over historical periods for comprehensive analysis.

Product Names

Our products are named based on their underlying principles and functionalities:

  • Delta: Products with "delta" in their names are delta-neutral respect to underlying token and aims to increase number of tokens.

  • Inverse: Inverse dETPs aim to provide returns that are opposite to the underlying index or token they track, allowing investors to profit or hedge from declining prices. For instance, our 1xiWEMIX product tracks the opposite performance of WEMIX.

  • Leverage: Leveraged dETPs seek to amplify the performance of the underlying index or token they track. The product name indicates the level of leverage it tracks. For example, 2xlWEMIX tracks 2 times the performance of WEMIX.

  • BP (Balanced Portfolio): Similar to a traditional ETF like SPY or QQQ, this product aims to hold and rebalance a basket of crypto to enhance returns. For example, WEMIX Balanced Portfolio 50-50 holds 50% in dWEMIX and the other 50% in dWEMIX$. This not only improves the portfolio through rebalncing strategies, but also through innate yield earned by dWEMIX and dWEMIX$.

We plan on adding additional product types in the future.

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